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  1. Stop the Calls and Letters!
    stop the calls Has Dynamic Recovery Solutions contacted you? We have a direct connection with Dynamic's attorneys to immediately stop the phone calls, letters and get you RELIEF! Click here to Stop the Calls
  2. Get better Service
    Arguss Law Firm and other similar firms claiming they can sue for money damages CAN NOT provide the same level service we can provide. PERIOD!
  3. Law firms are not suppose to receive more money from a settlement than You!
    These companies operate unethically and prey on the least sophisticated consumers lack of knowledge on the matter. Furthermore, they only give you a FRACTION of the amount they settle with collection agencies for. They advertise that you get $1,000 when they commonly settle for many times that! Law firms are not suppose to receive more money from a settlement than You!
  4. Resolved the Situation
    The strategy of using a predatory law firm to help you almost always leaves you with an unresolved situation and you can bet another collection agency will be calling you in the future for the same account. Stop the Calls
  5. Guaranteed
    We guarantee the phone calls and letters will stop the minute you call us or fill out the form on our website. FOREVER!

  6. Begin the Mediation Process
    Begin the mediation process and contact us today. Again, the phone calls and letters will stop immediately. Guaranteed
  7. Have you been called from one of these phone numbers?
    Dynamic Recovery Solutions may be calling you from the following telephone numbers: 864-371-6451, 210-239-0050, 904-416-1293, 888-362-2684, 866-636-0534, 857-362-8553, 202-465-4271, 866-996-1535, 806-553-2938, 404-474-8465, 314-669-2666, 888-362-8757, 866-269-1654, 602-761-2860, 630-256-8479, 832-431-5755, 202-618-4940, 888-847-1910, 888-787-7581, 972-865-4659, 800-287-5356, 202-644-8398, 888-219-3135, 706-993-1919, 865-312-7110, 866-625-8973, 201-942-4057, 804-396-6905,786-410-4038, 866-625-8973, 415-355-4949, 910-416-5585, 866-625-8073, 866-613-5397, 713-588-0910, 713-588-0938, 866-637-7739, 505-288-3783, 888-253-8667, 910-225-5593, 718-704-7356, 973-943-4348, 818-937-2820